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Advantages of our fiberglass and resin application See Comparison Chart below


  • Durability: Longest lasting finish available. Our fiberglass mat, enmeshed in our special resin, results in a very tough finish that will last for at least 10-15 years. The resin will fill hairline cracks, and has excellent elongation to prevent cracking from normal ground movement.

  • Smooth, white finish: The finish is nice to the touch, will not scrape knees or elbows, won’t give raspberrys on the bottom of your feet from a rough pool surface. The surface feels like an orange peel with a smooth non-porous.

  • Low water chemical cost: Our fiberglass finish is "non-porous", and completely seals the water from the underlying concrete/plaster surface.  Thus there is no leaching from the concrete to mess up the PH. Non-porous means chlorine levels hold better. It is estimated that this fiberglass finish will require 30% less in chemical costs than concrete/plaster pools ... the lowest cost of any type of pool surface available.

  • High resistance to algae formation and growth: Because the finish is non-porous and very smooth, it inhibits the growth of algae. Algae likes porous pool finishes like concrete/plaster, gunite, vinyl liners …  places to attach and flourish. This high resistance to algae results in low chemical cost, as you don't have to constantly shock and adjust the pool chemicals to eliminate algae growth.

  • Low maintenance: Because of the smooth, non-porous finish, our pools require less brushing and cleaning ... algae, scum, etc. doesn't stick to this surface.

  • Compatibility with all types of filtration and sterilization systems: Our surfaces are ideal for pools that rely on chlorine to sanitize the water, especially commercial pools that require higher levels of chlorine. Those cost savings speak for themselves. But, as salt-water systems increase in popularity, the industry is seeing problems with the corrosive effects of salt on concrete, plaster and gunite pools. Even with painted pools (especially older paint jobs), the salt is penetrating the plaster/concrete and doing it's damage. And, with vinyl liner or even the pricey PVC liner pools, there is metal holding the liners in place, even around the fittings. The salt content in the water is corroding and destroying those metals. With our surface, the salt systems can do no damage.  With a fiberglass surface, the water has no contact with metal, concrete or gunite.  Now, we also have new sanitation systems to evaluate, such as the ionization/oxidation systems provided by contact with copper, silver and/or titanium bars.  Our surface prohibits the staining that can occur with those systems, and has no adverse affects on the functioning of those systems. 

  • Low life-time "refresher" costs: All pools will require something to refresh the surface eventually, even if no structural repairs are necessary. If anyone tells you that their resurfacing will "last forever", they are stretching the truth. So, the consumer should think about what to expect 10-30 years down the road. If our surfaces eventually need a refresher (in 10-15+ years), it is a simple and inexpensive process to apply another topcoat of fresh, white resin. The cost is comparable to applying a coat of epoxy paint. Compare that to concrete/plaster pools that normally need to be acid washed every 3-5 years, and need to be re-plastered every 7-10 years. Many pool paints only last 1-2 years. Typical vinyl liners need to be replaced every 5-8 years, more often if you're not extremely careful about avoiding rips. Keep in mind that, every time you need to do anything to resurface the pool, you have to drain it and pay for water to fill it again ... several thousands of dollars for large pools.

  • Comparing our process to a blown "chopped fiberglass" process? Our hand-laid fiberglass mat, combined with the highest quality resin, creates a monolithic water tight membrane over the entire pool surface. Being hand applied, we are slowing down the process to ensure the glass is laid correctly with the highest quality workmanship. Blown is applied to rapidly creating missed areas and over applied in others. It becomes a lesser quality and less durable finish. Also, we use only a 1 1/2 ounce fiberglass mat whereas many others use a 3/4 ounce mat for ease of application, thus sacrificing strength and durability.

  • Speed of our process to get your pool functioning again: Our process is one of the fastest options. We will give you an estimate of how long it will take our crew to resurface your pool and have it ready to fill again. That estimate will depend on the size and condition of your pool, and how much prep work needs to be done to do it right. When we schedule and start YOUR job, we stay on your job every day (other than bad weather or acts of God!); we only work one job at a time, so you don't have to wait days or weeks, wondering when we're coming back. We extend this courtesy to each and every one of our clients. And, when we apply the final coat of resin, you can start filling your pool within hours ... not days, not a week.




  Comparison Chart 


Robinson hand-laid fiberglass finish

Smooth, stain free, clean  & crisp

Resists all types of algae


Resists all types of staining

Requires approx. 30% less chemicals than plaster or aggregate pools

20 years-residential
10-15 years-commercial; has flexibility to resist cracks from ground movement

Full 2-year warranty on materials & workmanship.

Sprayed-on "chopped" fiberglass

Smooth, stain free, clean  & crisp

Resists all types of algae


Resists all types of staining

 less chemicals than plaster or aggregate pools

15 years-residential
10-15 years-commercial;

1 year warranty on materials 90 day to hold water

Plaster/Gunite surface

Cracks, stains rough to touch,

Porous surface encourages algae to adhere and grow

Permanent staining very likely, even on new plaster

Large amounts of chemicals necessary to prevent algae growth

Require acid wash every 1-3 years, re-plaster in 7 years

 90 day warranty  to Hold Water

Aggregate surface

Rough surface, hard on bare feet and bathing suits

Rough, bumpy surface encourages algae to adhere and grow; difficult to clean

Permanent staining likely

Large amounts of chemicals necessary to prevent algae growth

Will last 5 – 10 years but will your feet very rough like sandpaper

Typically, 5-years given "to hold water only"

Vinyl liners

Fake looking its plastic fades discolors liner not smooth wrinkles

Algae grows like wild fire liner is very porous

Stains some but bleach spots from chlorine  very likely

Fades uneven

Large amounts of chemicals necessary to prevent algae growth

Easily tears or gets holes; normally need liner replaced in 5-8 years; metal wall panels & coping not compatible with salt systems

Most warranties are pro-rated;

No warranty really

Painted surface

Peels, flakes blisters fades uneven runs

Paints do little to protect a concrete surface from algae

Stains easily concrete stains bleed through

Fewer chemicals needed than other surfaces but leaches into water bad 

1-2 years for rubber or acrylic-based paints: 1-2 years for 2-part epoxy paints

No warranty

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