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Frequently Asked Questions



We have incorporated the most common questions our clients have asked us here, and will continue to update this page occasionally as our customers give us additional concerns and questions.  Thank you for your input!

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How does your fiberglass mat and resin resurfacing compare to other resurfacing products on the market?


How does your fiberglass mat and resin process compare to the blown, "chopped" resin process?


How long can I realistically expect this fiberglass resurfacing to last?


What is your payment schedule?  How much up-front?  Then when is the balance due?


Contractors are notorious for jumping from job to job, taking forever to finish anyone's job.  How many jobs do you work on at the same time normally?


How can I verify that you are reliable and knowledgable ... someone who can be trusted to do more than just take my initial downpayment?


What types of pool paint can this be applied over?  I've heard any new surface coating needs to be compatible with the current paint surface.


What can be done to "refresh" the surface after 10-15 years of wear and tear?  What might the cost be?


How long does it take to prep and resurface with your fiberglass and resin process?


How long after you finish the final resin coat can the pool be filled with water?


I've heard of some resurfacing products that would cost $13-$17 per square foot; that is just the resurfacing application, doesn't include any prep work and/or repairs.  How does your cost compare?


We have heavy clay soils in this area that tend to produce "ground movement" as it shrinks and expands.  How does your product hold up to normal ground movement?


I've been told that old, deteriorating plaster surfaces make it difficult to maintain proper water chemical balance ... and the rough surface encourages algae growth, and is hard to keep clean.  Will this resurfacing help this?


Are there colors available for the resurfacing material?


Do I need to paint over this fiberglass resin?  Or can I, somewhere down the road, if I wanted to?  If so, what type of pool paint could I use?


We are losing more water than normal.  Can you help detect our problems?  And repair them?


We would like to do some plumbing changes when we resurface our pool.  Can you handle that also?


Tiles falling off the water line seems to be a common problem.  Do you have any method of installing tile so this doesn't happen?


We need custom tile work, floor lines, depth markers, no diving markers, etc.  How can you incorporate that into your fiberglass resurfacing process?


We'd like to do something attractive like brick or stone coping when we re-do our pool.  How much experience have you had with that?  Could you do it?


What options would you suggest for resurfacing our concrete deck?  It needs to be comfortable but slip-proof to reduce liabilities.


I've heard some fiberglass coatings can separate from the walls.  Why does this happen and how can you ensure that it won't happen?




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