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Our Fiberglass Resurfacing Process

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This page will detail for you the processes involved in fiberglass resurfacing, as WE do it.  Note that our methods, and materials, may be somewhat different than other companies who also do fiberglass and resin resurfacing ... even those who use the fiberglass mat material.  With 25 years of experience in pool renovation, and the comittment to do it as perfect as possible, I believe my approach exceeds what others may offer.  Thus, we can offer the guarantee on our work and our product living up to your expectation.  Your satisfaction is integral to our success as a company.



Appraisal of your problems and your needs 

Accurate evaluation of the condition of your pool, and understanding your needs and wants, are critical to a sucessful renovation that satisfies you.  I visit your site in person and do a thorough examination of your pool.  I listen to you, what you think is wrong, what you want done, and what your budget constraints are.  Together, we come up with a plan that will accomplish your goals.  I will be on the job site as we progress through your renovation and you will always continue to deal directly with me ... not some middle-man.


Prep work

Probably the most important step in any pool repair and resurfacing process is appropriate PREP WORK.  Without this, you should not expect any repair/resurfacing option to be sucessful ... which is why many other resurfacing efforts fail.  We will do this for you, and address whatever issues we encounter.  This may entail draining, cleaning away debris, removing tile, sand blasting, grinding, patching holes, sealing leaks, replacing fittings, plumbing repairs or replacement, repairing or replacing equipment, etc.  Then, a thorough clean-up of the pool surface, acid washing and rinsing is done.  We will ENSURE that your pool surface is properly prepared to create a solid bond with the fiberglass and resin products.  (See our "Services" page for more detailed information and pictures of these steps.)

Prep work on scaffolding

Sandblasting rough, textured surfaces


Pre-coat is applied.

This a clear bonding coat that ensures that the fiberglass and resin will have a strong, permanent adhesion to your pool surface.


First coat of resin is rolled unto the pool surface, one area at a time.


Fiberglass mat is hand-laid to the wet resin.  This is far superior to blown chopped fiberglass, and we use a 1 1/2 ounce fiberglass rather than the more common 3/4 ounce material.


Fitting fiberglass into corners

Mark applying fiberglass to steps

Mark working fiberglass into light housing fitting



Another coat of resin is rolled over the fiberglass mat.




Rib rolling

Rib rollers are used to firm the fiberglass while still set.  This will eliminate any possible air pockets and helps create a monolithic liner.



Tile is applied and grouted.

This includes perimeter (waterline) tile, depth marker, insignia, decorative or mosaic tile.  Perimeter tile is mortared with our special process to add stability and smooth transition to the pool surface.  (See our "Services" page for more information and pictures.

Applying mortar to support tile and make a smooth transition to the pool surface


Clean-up is done to ensure a smooth surface for the white resin coats.



First coat of white resin is applied.


Rolling white resin on steps

Detail work



Second coat of white resin is applied. 


Smoothing surface before final coat of white resin

Final coat of white resin

Final coat application


Your pool is ready to fill within hours!




The Materials

  • 1 1/2 ounce fiberglass mat for extra strength (many others use 3/4 ounce mat).

  • High quality resin with excellent durability and elongation to withstand ground movement.  It will also fill small cracks and produces a waterproof seal.

  • All the materials we use for prep work and repair are appropriate, quality products.

  • We offer tile selection from a variety of top pool tile manufacturers, including depth marker, insignias and mosaics.

  • We can provide quality products for your other pool renovation needs including filters, pumps, automatic cleaners, plumbing, fittings, slides, railings, steps, safety covers, etc.


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Before and After Pictures  (see more pictures in our  Gallery Page )

VA Hospital, multiple units - interior project


A dramatic renovation of a residential pool

Lake Hickory

Another residential pool




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