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We specialize in repair and resurfacing of commercial pools

and can do any prep work required and other related enhancements


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In addition to doing a quality job of fiberglass mat and resin resurfacing for you, we can handle just about any preparation repair and optional amenities.  This page offers information on these supplemental services.  For more in-depth information aboout the fiberglass process itself, please see our Fiberglass Resurfacing page.

  • Custom tile work including in-laid depth markers, no-diving insignias and mosaics

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Joint repair

  • Sandblasting & grinding of old surfaces

  • Repair of broken plaster/gunite & cracks

  • Plumbing repair and/or replacement

  • Filtration & chlorination repair and/or replacement

  • Replacement or repair of floor and wall fittings

  • Deck repair and/or replacement

  • Deck resurfacing (spray deck w/knock-down finish

  • Custom brick or cut stone coping

  • Custom pavers

  • White coping replacement

  • Custom safety covers

  • Installation of ladders, railings, slides, fiber-optic lighting, water features

  • Installation of steps

Custom Tile Work

We do beautiful custom tile work, and have developed a method of better securing it to the pool surface for added durability and integration with the pool surface.

  • Custom perimeter (water-line) tile

  • In-laid tile depth markers and "NO-DIVING" insignias

  • Custom tile mosaics

Mark applying perimeter tile

Our special process of supporting perimeter tile

Grouting and cleaning tile

Perimeter and in-laid tile

In-laid tile


You can go to their sites to look at the selections of tiles ... and even see how that particular tile would look on a picture of a pool.  Their sites are great places for design inspiration.

Here are links to our tile suppliers. 

National Pool Tile
Master Tile Pool


Leak detection and repair

If your pool is leaking, we will find the source.  This will involve close examination and possible pressure testing.  Once the cause is detected, we will come up with a plan to eliminate further leaking.


Joint repair

Joints are often the cause of leaking in concrete pools.  Depending on the condition of the joints, and the construction of your pool, the solution may vary.  We routinely do a double layer of fiberglass mat in over the joints.

Bad floor joint and exposed ground wire

Open space and exposed ground wire in step joint.  This required filling in the open space to cover the ground wire and make a smooth transition under the coping.


Repair of broken plaster/gunite and cracks

Any broken/missing plaster or gunite, or large cracks, will be fixed properly before the fiberglass goes on.  The fiberglass and resin will automatically fill any hairline cracks.

Repairs needed in VA hospital therapy pools

Multiple cracks - VA hospital pool

A badly damaged pool was beautifully restored


Sandblasting and grinding old surfaces

If necessary, your pool surface can be professionally sandblasted.  Occasionally, we've encountered pools with very rough and/or textured surfaces that also may require grinding smooth enough to accomodate the fiberglass mat without the risk of air pockets forming underneath.

Surface prep work done on scaffolding

Sandblasting rough textured walls


Plumbing repair and/or replacement

Whether your plumbing needs repair, or you need to re-configure or relocate the plumbing system, we can do this for you.  We have done numerous updates to plumb and install the dual main drains now required by law, as seen in picture below.

Plumbing repair

Mark working on a plumbing re-do

Upgrading to the dual main drains now
required by law

A plumbing set-up

Plumbing and equipment set-up


Filtration and chlorination repair and/or replacement

If you need repair or replacement of your equipment, we may be able to repair it, or can advise you on the type and size of equipment that will best serve your needs.  We can install whatever new equipment you may require.


Replacement or repair of floor and wall fittings

We can determine if fittings (skimmers, drains, returns, light housing, etc) may need replacement, and can advise on appropriate replacements if necessary.  We also can eliminate leaks around your fittings by preparing them with various techniques, then tucking the fiberglass mat and resin into the joint surrounding the fitting.

Preparing for installation of new floor drains

This floor return was leaking around fitting,
incorrectly set into the concrete

Same floor return after grinding down around
perimeter to accomodate the fiberglass mat

Fine grinding around floor fitting 

Light housing incorrectly set into wall

Same light housing after built up and sealed

Installation of new dual main floor drains 


Deck repair, replacement, or resurfacing

We can do whatever is required to make your deck attractive and safe.  This could involve minor repair or total replacement.  Or, it may be renovated with a simple resurfacing of spray deck with an attractive knock-down finish.

Applying spray deck


Custom coping, pavers or white coping replacement 

We can install custom pavers, custom brick or cut stone coping or basic white coping.   

Installing new white coping

Installing new white coping

Installation of custom brick coping

Custom brick coping

Custom brick coping

Custom brick coping


Custom safety covers 

Safety covers are critical to the safety of anyone who may be able to access your pool area, and critical to your liability.  And, they will greatly help in keeping your pool clean, and in getting through the winter season.  We can install custom safety covers to perfectly fit your pool.



Installation of amenities such as ladders, railings, slides, fiber-optic lighting, water features and steps 

As the final step in your renovation plan, consider what you might want (or need) for amenities.  Addition or replacement of railings, ladders, life guard stations and steps may be safety considerations.  Slides and light or water features may be on the wish list to maximize the aesthetic impact and enjoyment of your pool.  We can provide whatever you want to add the final touches to your pool renovation.  Let's talk about it!





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