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The VA Tech 4H Center


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We provide a  long-term solution  to damaged swimming pools for all types of commercial enterprises.


Our fiberglass mat and resin process, preceded by appropriate prep work, produces a very strong, durable finish, with flexibility to withstand normal ground movement.  You will have a beautiful finish that stands up to pool chemicals and resists algae growth and staining.


If you're frustrated with short-term "fixes" that need to be re-done every couple of years, and confused about what better options there may be available for your specific pool, please spend some time on our website.  Then contact us via phone, e-mail or our inquiry form (below).  We will respond promptly and work with you to solve your problems.


  • The hotel, motel & resort industry

  • Public swimming pools

  • Government & education facilities

  • Homes associations & private clubs

  • Camp grounds & recreational sites

  • Corporate facilities


A bit about Robinson Pool Repair ......

Welcome to our website, glad you stopped by.  I am Mark Robinson, owner and on-site project manager of Robinson Pool Repair, a division of Robinson Restorations, Inc.  I have been renovating and resurfacing both commercial and residential swimming pools for 25 years.  I personally come to your site to evaluate your pool repair project.  I listen to what you tell me you think is wrong, what is needed.  Then I examine your pool and come up with an appropriate plan that will be a long-term solution to your problems.  You will always continue to deal directly with me, not some middle-man.

Some projects are simple, primarily needing a fiberglass and resin resurfacing to renew the integrity of the pool surface, make it leak-proof, beautiful and easy to maintain.  Some clients also want enhancements such as railings, ladders, slides, custom coping, deck resurfacing, etc.

Other pools I've encountered have a wide range of problems involving the need for leak detection, plumbing re-dos, concrete and joint repair, deck repair/replacement, fittings replacement, etc.

We can handle any of these needs, as well as properly install a durable fiberglass and resin resurfacing.  (See our pages for "Fiberglass Resurfacing" and "Advantages" for in-depth information about the process itself and advantages over other restoration methods.)

I have a great crew, some that have been with me for over 10 years, thus they are experienced and very aware of the degree of quality and service I am committed to give each and every one of my clients.  But, I, personally, am on every project site.  And, we don't jump from job to job, leaving you waiting, wondering when we're coming back.  When we start a job, we stay on that job until finished and the client is satisfied.  Then we go on to the next scheduled job.

Over the years, I have seen quite a number of processes and products intended to "fix" failing pools.  I have tried some of them, and seen many pricey solutions that have lasted only a short period of time.  Many of these clients come to me, hoping I may have a better solution.

I HAVE a better solution!

My methods of proper prep work and fiberglass application can provide a long-term fix to virtually any pool problem, whether it be strictly cosmetic or structural.  I have encountered pools that have serious issues, major cracking, open joints, hunks of plaster/gunite gone, plumbing problems, tile falling off … pools that don't look nice and obviously aren't holding water.  We CAN fix those problems, and then apply a very durable fiberglass and resin resurfacing process to "seal" the repairs.    (Fiberglass Process link)  

This multi-coat process creates a beautiful, smooth and tough non-porous shell inside the pool, making it leak-proof and easy to maintain.  The non-porous surface inhibits formation of algae and you will find it easier to maintain proper water chemical balance, normally using 30% less chemicals.  In spite of being a very tough resurfacing material, the resin has "elongation", meaning it has the flexibility to withstand normal ground movement without cracking.  And, the fiberglass mat, enmeshed in the resin, is the strongest, most durable, longest lasting finish for swimming pools today. 

 Click here to see ADVANTAGES over other resurfacing options .

Call me at:  855-608-4100

Commercial Jobs


We've had the privilege to successfully do commercial pool repair and resurfacing for many organizations, including:

  • The U.S. Capital

  • Virginia Tech (2 commercial pools)

  • Virginia Beach Recreation Centers (2 commercial pools)

  • Metropolitan Washington DC YMCAs

  • Naval bases (Norfolk, VA and Fort Pickett, VA)

  • Stoney Fork Creek Campground in Pennsylvania

  • Poconos Resorts

  • Veterans Hospital, Susquehanna, PA

  • Hughsville Hish School District

  • Dominion Health and Fitness Centers

  • Jamestown 4H Center, Fort Royal, VA

  • Heritage Retirement Center

  • Summer Lake and Wintergreen Resorts

  • United Dominion Realty Trust

  • S.L. Nussbaum Property Management

  • Century 21 CAMS

  • Sears

  • Marriott

  • Holiday Inn



For Residential Pool Repair, please visit our other site at www.robinsonpoolrepair.com

Important keys to a long term solution are PROPER PREP WORK and APPLICATION KNOWLEDGE

No resurfacing product is going to solve your problem for any length of time without proper prep work on the pool.  We excel in analyzing your problems and determining how best to prep your pool so that the fiberglass product will last for many years.  Some pool repair companies (including some that offer a fiberglass and resin resurfacing) will short-change you on the prep work; thus their product will fail due to neglect or/or a variety of mistakes.  We have many references to prove that we do it right.

No matter what pool resurfacing material you try, it will not be satisfactory unless it's properly installed by an experienced crew ... a crew experienced in that particular product line.  There are other resurfacing products on the market, many of which can not be sold to anyone, not even experienced pool contractors, unless they have gone through the manufacturer's training program.  We know the fiberglass products and have many years of successful experience in application.  We use a 1 1/2 ounce fiberglass mat, which is far superior to blowing a chopped fiberglass onto the pool, and stronger than the 3/4 ounce fiberglass mat that many others use.  We take a step beyond because we want to give you a pool that withstands the test of time.  And we guarantee our work.


How long will our fiberglass resurfacing last and what is the warranty?

These are valid and critical questions that any pool owner will have.  We'd like to address them right up front because we're proud of the durability of our product, our workmanship and the generous warranty that we offer.  Our fiberglass resurfacing can last up 25+ years.   

In commercial pools, due to heavy wear and tear, and the high levels of chlorine that must be maintained, we estimate the surface will hold up well for 10-15 years.  (Residential pools should hold up well for 15+ years.)

Robinson Pool Restorations gives a full 2-year warranty on all our workmanship ... by far exceeding other warranties.  If you were to have a problem due to workmanship and technique within 2 years, we will be there to fix the problem free of charge.



We are a dependable, service-oriented company with a successful 25-year history


Licensed, Insured and Bonded





Supplementary Services (See our (Services link) for more information):

  • Custom perimeter (water-line) tile, including in-laid tile depth markers and "NO-DIVING" insignias

  • Custom brick coping & white coping replacement

  • Deck repair (spray deck with knock-down finish)

  • Leak detection and plumbing repair and/or replacement

  • Equipment repair and/or replacement

  • Residential pool restoration and repair

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